in so many ways u love me just as i am not as i should b

I am a 18 year old Femal and i am at collage studying my passion to fufil my dream as having a careed in singing and song writting i am also in the worship team at opawa baptist church as a vocalist

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

south islad famour oh yeah

yay on the 30th august all of us musical students at vision college are going to be leaving chch in a mini van oh yeah go the mini van and we are going to be on a tour of the south island we are going to be going to dunners oh yeah hmmm not lol queenstown (hope we will have some spare time to go skiiing) (but very very unlickly) and wanaka we gunna need thermals for that and other places we are going to be away for 7 days i am sooo excited i can not wait i have not even got any songs planned yeah oh well, i will do soon, we are going to be performing at schools and pubs, well at least we will be gud if we are playing at the pubs coz most people will hopfully be to drunk to notice to they will love it or just getting there so they will think it is great so i guess that is one of the ups about being going to be performing in a pub ae, but still freaky , hmmm stage fright and there will be students at schools ummm yeah as long as they have a ceiling that i can look at or it would be one strange school if they dont have a roof ae ,well i might be doing one song from evanesence that i know of so far woow that is going to be really really hard work ae
i am over and out for now i will update later till then b gud if i cant lol jjkx

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

hey there

yay ma concert is now over and done with oh yeah
now i have to prepare for the other one in another like 5 months time and it is going to be 6 songs and also we are going to be doing a tour of the south island man that will be sooo fun but very cold as it will still be winter when we are doing our tours
and i found out bad news that some one in my family has cancer
well i am off now byebye