in so many ways u love me just as i am not as i should b

I am a 18 year old Femal and i am at collage studying my passion to fufil my dream as having a careed in singing and song writting i am also in the worship team at opawa baptist church as a vocalist

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

no more sleeps till my concert!!!

hey there i am going to be doing my concert tonight and i am nervous as hell i get major stage firght and anxity so this could be intersting i am taking a break at the moment as i have been busy practicing all day today and yeah more to come :O lol oh well i guess it will be fun to watch and to do my real performance if you get what i mean like out of church and that any ways there will be kewl lights well i best be off got more to do ,
wish me luck


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