in so many ways u love me just as i am not as i should b

I am a 18 year old Femal and i am at collage studying my passion to fufil my dream as having a careed in singing and song writting i am also in the worship team at opawa baptist church as a vocalist

Thursday, May 25, 2006


hey there people

woow omg i am going to be doing a concert at the end of june and i still have three of the songs to ace and i get terrible stage fright and at least when it is done it will be over and done with though i guess but still it is going to be freaky i am going to be performing ; angel from amanda perrez and someones watching over me by hillary duff and also rise in me from satellite and everything im not from the veronicas it will be exciting my first kind of real concert yay umm any suggestions though for getting rid of stage fright that is somthing that i suffer from terribly and i shake and get nervous even when i am just performing in front of my class mates a, oh well i guess it has to be done and i also have to perfrom and we do another concert at the end of the year and that time it will be six songs that is right i am going to have to go on to stage for a extra bit longer oh dear i will live though i guess a yay but i can not wait for the concert either

i am off now i will update again some time

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

yay and nay

hey there poeple
sorry that i have not wriiten on my blog for a very long time i have been very busy with college things at the moment as we are going to be having a concert comming up some time soon yay not i get very terrible stage fright argh not kewl.

and i found out the other day that my uncle has skin cancer and that he went in for surgary on monday to have it removed as much as they could remove from him and i hope in went sucessfull i have not found out anything as i have not been contacted so i think everythign went well,

yay i am going to be going on holiday to australia at the end of the year again this time for three weeks yay i can not wait ae.