in so many ways u love me just as i am not as i should b

I am a 18 year old Femal and i am at collage studying my passion to fufil my dream as having a careed in singing and song writting i am also in the worship team at opawa baptist church as a vocalist

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

please just read

hey there
happy easter every body.
lol sorry its a bit late oh well belated happy easter,
yay easter camp has been but sadly got another year to wait until easter camp 07 i dont quite think i will start counting down the sleeps until camp yeat.
it was awsum i loved easter camp it was awsum the woship was great, the speakers where great and i made a lot of new friends, but they neededd more vegies nd fruit there.
at camp me and eulalia took the stand to let jesus in to our hearts after a tough year of wht i been threw i have realised that christ does still love me even though i a, not as people think i should be , we are all perfict in the eyes of the lord, there is one thing i am proud about when i was at camp i decided to give to god the one battle i stoped battling and gave up at camp BULIMIA i am so glad to have givin that up instead it got replaced with 4 broken bones in my right arm but that is temperaraly going to b in my life and broken bones heal in time and so do broken hearts.
one of the things at eastercamp was hearing about how people have had visions and done somthing to help people out and it was good to hear that there are people out there who do things for the lord


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