in so many ways u love me just as i am not as i should b

I am a 18 year old Femal and i am at collage studying my passion to fufil my dream as having a careed in singing and song writting i am also in the worship team at opawa baptist church as a vocalist

Friday, March 24, 2006

yay i am having fun

hey there peoples i am writting this as i am on a break at collage on a break]
we have been practicing a song called angel from amanda perez and preforming it today and ususually i am not as good at it is i am today and i keep improving ever time we go threw the song and i am enjoying doing this song which is great and yeah i am happy with the way it is going i thought i would let you all know ,
yay well i hopes i ace this assessment ihav a very good fealing about it i will let you know when i have done it how it went

Thursday, March 16, 2006

hey there people
well life is going ok i guess but it is not really getting any better but everything takes time i guess, well i have had the last two weeks of collage and it is getting boring sitting at home but i am not meant to go back while i am sorting out things with my eating disorder but it as if the music school is helping me out as music is my passion and i love it i wish i could sing all day every day even though i do mostly but you know music is my passion and i love to write songs and i love to sing it is as if it one of the two things in my life that i can use to exprese how i am fealing .

Also tonight at church we had a meeting about starting up a group for young teens starting out at intermeidate levels and there where alot of good ideas and everything and i would love to become a leader as i love to help out younger people and hang out with them and it will be good to give them a safe inviroment to hang out and learn life skills and make new friends and learn to love chirst and it wil b good to see improvment as they grow spiritly and in every day life as they prapare to step up and join in with OBY, and this is going to take a lot od prayers for us all to have paitince and that there are kids that will turn up and that we can help them out so please add this to your prayer list

Monday, March 13, 2006


hey there well i went to collage today and i got my test results back from the first proper solo that i did and i got 62% and really good marks on everything else it was a gud result for a first proper assessment they told me so yay i past even though i think i could have done better i sang to brick house by the commodors .
lol a crazt song way out of my vocal range i was made to do but it was fun i am still loving it at the music school:)

catch you up i will update soon

Saturday, March 11, 2006


hey there people

well yay i am still on the waiting list for the hostpital as u will know why if u have read my other post that i wrote it sucks man after seven years of this carry on it would b gud if it was gone, i am doing the fourty hour famine and to me it is a gus excuse so that i do not have to eat well i have no energyat the moment catchya up though just let ya know how life goin